lematters United is a 501 (c)(3) charity that exists to help individuals and communities’ economic freedom. It is our firm belief that every individual regardless of sex, race, religion, or nationality should have the equal right to obtain financial independence. Financial independence in the cornerstone of and individual’s ability to achieve true freedom and equality with their peers.

lematters United programs are designed to provide people and communities with the ability to obtain and maintain financial independence through educations, real-world experience, and coaching. In the case of international communities, the programs are geared towards helping communities to establish and infrastructure to support both the basic necessities of life plus a sustainable economic base. It is our belief that the programs should provide a commitment to ensure the program goals are accomplished in the longer term, not just a onetime infusion that provides no guaranteed long-term results.

lematters United not only provides benefits to its recipients, but also to society as a whole. For each person that we help make financially independent, that is one less person what may rely on society for support, and one persona that will contribute to society in a positive way.