Dependents of LE Officers Scholarship Program

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LE Matters developed the Dependents of LE Officers Scholarship Program to provide scholarships to the dependents of law enforcement officers in order to help them obtain a formal education. LE Matters will issue scholarships to dependents four (4) times annually. Scholarships may be awarded for a college quarter, semester or year depending on needs. Scholarships issued for college years will require that the recipient maintain a satisfactory grade point average.

Scholarships will provide funds to ensure that:

  • Tuition is paid 100%
  • All College fees are paid 100%
  • The cost of local housing accommodations is paid up to $500 per month.
  • The recipient has $1000 per month for living expenses

The actual amount of the award will be dependent upon the needs in each of the above listed areas. For example:

1. In California, the tuition for a State University is waived for certain disabled veterans. Therefore, in that case no funds would be awarded for tuition but funds would be awarded for the other categories.

2. If a veteran is receiving $700 per month in disability pay then the scholarship award would be for an additional $300 per month for living expenses.

Scholarship awards will be competitive based on available funding.